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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Christmas cake

Before I write about the Christmas cake, I shall update last Saturday's blog to announce that we still haven't found the quilted Advent calendar, once we dismantle our tree, take the wreath down and pack away the lights it may appear. Also, I decided against buying a new laptop just to be able to use Blogger so this is being written on my old Toshiba, the last one worked on Ian's much newer laptop. If all else fails I can use the computers at the public library.

Now to the title of this blog. Well over a year ago I decided that it would be interesting to abandon the old style royal icing snow scene on the Christmas cake and learn to pipe, cross hatch, make flowers just as we did when I was in the sixth form at school learning these skills all through the Autumn term. Although I booked a class to work in royal icing there were not enough other students interested in this to make it viable. This year The Cake Box at Hampton had different classes, so I enrolled in Decorate your own Christmas Cake Course, the flowers, leaves and berries in sugar paste that were made in the first week found their way onto my cake here. 

As I wrote words on laptop, downloaded photos on iPad will end in case anything is lost. 


  1. That's beautiful! Happy New Year to you both.

  2. It is a very beautiful cake!
    You do know that on blogger, you can always safe your draft in between, so that nothing gets lost before you hit the "publish" button, right?