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Monday, 25 April 2016


I am so excited for I have had an personal audience with the Queen of crochet and inhabitant of Cooper's  Cafe and Attic24. Needless to say Lucy was charming in spite of this mad old bat interrupting her workspace whilst she was making beautiful leaves for her twigs and completing today's blog. 

This was all by chance, on Sunday 25th April Ian and I came to Skipton in a  U3A party of 37 to stay at the Rendezvous Hotel, on Monday we went to Skipton itself by canal boat, before a detailed tour around the castle, finishing at midday. We had then to be back in the coach by 1.40 to go to Howarth and Bronte Museum so not much time for lunch and pottering around independent shops for I had determined to find and eat in Cooper's Cafe to support a local business rather than big business. Undeterred, with great use of maps on our mobiles we found it, ordered paninis and drinks, I just happened to mention we had come there because of Lucy and was asked if I would like to pop up and see her! Would I? What a question to ask, so up the winding staircase to knock tentatively and be so welcomed. 

What did we talk about? Everything, I rabbited on about how I returned to knitting after a 20 year break, discovered blogging and Ravelry, about the leaves that were on the table, my Hitchhiker scarf I was wearing, knitting socks for Ian as he doesn't wear shop socks now.  It all finished as Ian called me to say lunch and drinks were getting cold and time was getting short for meeting with the coach.

The first part of this blog was written on Monday evening, I was so exhilarated and chuffed with what had happened, needed to put fingers to key board even though it wouldn't be posted until we were back in Pixie Mansions. 

Over lunch it would decided that we wouldn't go on the afternoon visit, we are recovering still from the bathroom shenanigans, Sunday was up at 6am for the early start to Yorkshire, so we pottered around the town. Purchases were made, including a 1971 Vogue guide to crochet: all you need to know to become an expert. If anyone needs a pattern for a crochet bikini I can now supply this:-

Then there is this wedding dress, so much social history in these books. Also, a blog needs pictures and, if appropriate, some humour. After all, some one may be laughing at our choice of clothes in the early 21st century. 

Off now to download photos from my camera, actually used it a bit, but often forgot, not much point taking pictures of buildings when there are better online. 

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  1. Your excitement and exhilaration shines through your post - I am so pleased for you that you had the chance to meet Lucy!
    I am also pleased to know that you've been visiting "my" beloved Yorkshire, second home to me.