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Monday, 18 April 2016

Almost there

We are waiting John Lewis to arrange a date to fit the flooring in the new bathroom, then it is finished. The second heated towel rail linked to the central heating was installed this morning, working already as it is a bit chilly here today. 

The view from the hall.

The toilet in its original position,

The electric shower rail and wash hand basin in the 'new' extension.  All the walls are tiled, easy to keep clean, no need for painting, we chose white and black to match the upstairs bathroom, also this would fit any future owners' decor. Not that we want a future owner, we consider this our forever home, it fits our needs. 

Another cause for celebration is the dining room is no longer a storage facility, we have made use of the upheaval to declutter and a number of items such as vases made their way to the charity shop this morning. Probably need to discard more, so much has sentimental connotations, other stuff was needed in a former lifestyle but our ways are not the old ways for we eat and live differently today so do we really need multiple baking tins of the same capacity?

Haven't mentioned any knitting lately so it is with great pleasure that I show this scarf, called Hitchhiker for it has 42 points.

Not the easiest of garments to display, I have draped the scarf over a white towel on the ottoman,  a photograph needs to be taken when I am wearing it, given the cold today that will be soon.   Now I need to complete the Beyond Puerperium Cardigan for great nephew, then will make socks for Ian and a jacket for Edward. 


  1. Congratulations on your new bathroom! You will so enjoy it, I am sure. I also like the 'hitch hiker' scarf -- my favourite colours!

  2. It must be such a relief to have your bathroom project finished - I am still in the middle of my room-swapping-and-redecorating project, and my Third Room is full to the brim with books, clothes and pieces of furniture. It is not messy, but completely NOT the way I like it. Also, like you, I see this as a great occasion for some decluttering.

    The scarf looks beautiful and I hope we'll get to see a picture of you wearing it soon!