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Monday, 12 January 2015

The day just gets better

Not long after I had posted my blog Ian came home very pleased, he had popped into our local hospice charity shop and found this book, Sarah Dallas Knitting. It is published by Rowan in 2005, tried to photograph it. 

Not sure how to rotate photo, since updating iPad to 8 point something the ordering of photographs seems a touch chaotic, some duplicated, some I can delete, others I cannot. Editing seems a bit random too. 

The book is lovely, not sure it would have been purchased new, I like the idiosyncratic way the projects are arranged by four colour themes, the patterns don't appear too difficult either. I suspect Ian has bought all the knitting books from this charity shop, he knew I didn't have this one, sometimes he calls to check first. 

The knitting progress continued at the Knit Whits knitting group, The leader, Sally Cadle sorted out the problems I had with the heel of the socks I'm making, same pattern and yarn as this pair I made for Martha using the same instructions for sock knitting with magic loop. I managed them, why are these going wrong? Certainly I need practice in picking up stitches, not only for socks either, as this is not the first time Sally has helped me out picking up stitches. Utube here I come! I have so much sock yarn to use. 

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