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Monday, 12 January 2015

Little things mean a lot

Our kitchen overlooks our back garden so it it is inevitable that we look out to see new growth and maybe view some birds returning to our feeders. Apparently the high winds blowing a bamboo plant have sent the little creatures scurrying away, we have trimmed the side shoots but the birds are slow to return. 

This morning something else caught my eye, some bright yellow plants, now I thought every piece of the blank canvas out there had been covered with flowers last Autumn, additionally there are I have been told hundreds of bulbs to add to the kalaidascope of colour but these yellow delights were new. 

Not very clear pictures, sorry folks,  had to pop out in the rain using my phone to capture the moment. It turns out that on Saturday whilst enjoying a Mummy-&-Martha day wandering around Peter Jones, Ian was buying plants at the local garden centre. Didn't spot the new plants yesterday, felt guilty as I was in the kitchen. 

Later today Kingston Garden Services are coming to discuss haircuts for some of our trees, especially the yew and bay. 

Just adding, I bought myself another shade of blue Rowan big yarn to add to the stash for a cushion cover I plan to crochet. That is after I have finished the socks I'm making, the decorative crochet to trim a lampshade and then there is the red lace wrap that has not had the attention it deserves. 

1 comment:

  1. The little yellow flowers are nice! I am sure there will be more of them, and they should make for a good cheerful look among the greens and browns.
    Poor little birds. I hope they will come for shelter in your garden again.