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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A light on my latest project.

From BHS we purchased a new lampshade for an onyx lamp base, the shade was just cream, no embellishment so I dug out some of the crochet cotton I had ever since I learnt to crochet at evening classes when I was in my twenties. 

The trim was just a chain the length of the circumference of the shade, plus a little bit, then working backwards and forwards in double crochet until we thought it was deep enough. The work was joined into a circle and pulled over the shade. I had thought it would need some PVA glue but it has stayed in place. 

Quite pleased that I have designed this, used materials I had, these bought back memories of the evening classes again.  The Internet, knitting shows and  groups have replaced evening classes for yarn work, but there must be other subjects where an old fashioned class would be helpful in acquiring or learning skills. Ian wanted to learn wood sculpture, he is experienced in carpentry and making models in wood, he enrolled for a Saturday class in the subject, then the class was postponed, then cancelled as the adult college couldn't find anyone to teach the subject. 


  1. That's very clever. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Very odd - I would have expected them to first have the teachers for each subject and then establish the classes schedule!
    The crocheted rim looks nice, and now that you know how well this works, you can repeat it with any leftover yarn you have.

  3. That's really effective!
    Might not be what he's looking for, but I have a friend currently doing a course at the Green Wood Guild?