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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hexipuff layout design

Whilst watching Eurovision this evening, well sort of half listening to the entrants, I started joining Up the hexipuffs. The crocheting didn't work, left a ridge, so dear Ian suggested laying them out on a white sheet before I joined any more up.  Searches around the Internet led to the decision to sew them together.  Meanwhile, some pictures of the hexis as they landed from their storage basket.

The design will be modified, I think a border in blue will come. 


  1. What a huge project. I'll be interested to see this when it's finished. I think I agree about the blue border.

  2. My daughter is learning Fairisle knitting today, she's been looking forward to that. Sewing up all those hexipuffs is a big job, I'm sure it'll be worth all the work.