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Friday, 9 May 2014

One day my prints will come ...

That is what we used to say when waiting for the film to come from Bonusprints, Boots or Superdrug in the predigital days, now I am hoping my prints will come out of the ether and arrive on this blog.  I am writing it on a downloaded Blogger app rather than the usual prescribed template as that won't let me add pictures.  So to start, a couple of views of the cafetiere cosy I crocheted. One of my first attempts to follow a pattern from a book, it is not easy to show stitch details in navy wool, no wonder all the crochet magazines show work in pale or light colours.


The work still requires a little steam press to neaten the edges but it has been in service today, our so called eight cup coffee maker means we have two mugs each. Not sure what I will make next, need some portable work, the red lace wrap requires quiet concentration, also am not sure why I have one extra stitch! Another shawl beckons as I find these so useful, it would have to be Forest Canopy pattern again, in a plain colour so never clashing with patterned tops. 

An unintended consequence of our new TV box was we lost all the programmes we had recorded, the most important of which was Gardeners Question Time way back in 2010 when the team came to Kew Gardens. Ian had asked a question about our sad courgettes which we had grown in a pot on the patio. Thanks to Utube the programme was available,  I found photos of the event too so have sight and sound of my dear husband on my birthday that year. 

Last Sunday we ventured around the M25 to North London, well Barnet, an unknown area to us for the dedication of a cousin's grandchild in this Victorian church. The layout was interesting, the pews had been removed, the chairs were facing south, the windows on either side of the cross had electronically controlled blinds on which either words were projected or the design of the stained glass windows behind. In addition the walls could be used for projection too. 

                  Seeing this, I did wonder who set the tradition that Churches had the altar at the eastern end, like all rules it can and has been broken to fit the building onto the site.  The language and styles of worship have changed over the years, here the layout has reflected these changes.  Rearranging the furniture means one can still use the BCP as well as get into groups for discussion before reporting back to the whole company for a plenary session.  

Finally all is progressing well with the garden at Pixie Towers, the new lawn was laid, this week another landmark was reached when a new lawnmower was purchased, such a contrast with our Husqvarna push along model we have had for nearly 35 years, it had cut many lawns before we acquired it. The new Bosch model has a chargeable battery, there is no metal to rust and apparently it's very light to push.  There is a box to collect the cuttings so they will enrich our compost.

                                                                             A very poor picture from my phone showing the stripes, the new mower has the facility to replicate these. Will attempt to take more pictures, of course it will rain tomorrow as the grass was cut today.                                                                            

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  1. The layout of churches is an interesting topic. I once read an introduction to a book on the archaeology of Christianity in Roman Britain that suggested that if we knew nothing about christianity and were approaching churches from an archaeological point of view we might interpret churches as buildings for some sort of sun worship. The location of the altar, the stained glass windows, etc. An interesting thought I felt!

    My understanding is that the orientation of churches may have been borrowed from earlier cultures, a bit like the proposed origins of Christmas and Easter. I've not heard of any churches moving away from the altar at the east end of the church so this is a first. Whilst I agree buildings shouldn't be frozen in aspic (in fact some of the most interesting and exciting ones have different phases that build into a fantastic whole) I do sometimes find it sad when pews are removed from churches. I love churches with box pews!