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Friday, 18 October 2013

The back garden at Pixie Towers

For some time Ian and I have been pondering about our garden, a tidy up was needed,  rearranging possibly, some fresh thoughts on how it should look. We needed to ensure a little privacy but also ensure that the kitchen received as much light as possible, it's been made the darker by next door's ugly extension.

Looking down the garden, the ground below the non productive apricot tree is always dry however much rain we have for example, these trees block the light to the house.

The end needs a tidy up, to the right there are brambles, this year with few blackberries, in a small garden these beds don't add anything to the beauty.

This poor Fatsia Japonica is suffering from lack of light and space, apart from which we cannot pass it to reach the compost bins, to the right mini jungle comes to mind!

Fortunately for us, friends had recently had their garden redesigned, they were full of praise for Kingston Garden Services who carried out the work so we emailed them. We described our problems, added photographs and the next day had a call to make an appointment to look around. Notes were made on the printed out email, much helpful advice was given.  Once we received the quotation we accepted; yesterday was given as the date for the work. Was not to be, in a phone call on Monday we were asked if the work could be done the next day, Ian agreed so a very efficient team of three worked from 8am to 3pm, taking away three lorry loads of vegetation to be chipped and reused.

Work in progress, initially the guys used our mower, the very young lad had never seen a push along hand mower before although it wasn't quite up to it so their more powerful model was called into action.

The clear path now the plant has moved to the far left hand corner, the bare earth on the left is where there were dips in the ground so the grass should grow through, grass seed was added so if the pigeons don't eat it all we should  have a good quality lawn. The tiny birds haven't realised the new location of their feeders, given time they will so we can watch them from the kitchen window.

A view of the right hand side of the garden, there is newly laid turf as well where trees and bushes were moved or removed.

From a slightly different angle, looking a little more washed out here even though these three pictures were taken at the same time of day on Wednesday after the rain.

Finally, a view from first floor window, giving an idea of the end of the garden with the big table and bench on the paving, plus an aerial view of the grass growing through.

We intend to add more colour into the beds, at present the garden is fifty shades of green.


  1. The time comes when a long-established garden needs drastic action. Well done, it's going to be lovely, and you'll have chances to plant things again!

  2. That looks like time and money very well spent - so much lighter and more open.

  3. I agree with Z and Perpetua, money well spent, and the garden looks bigger than before. Also, I like it that it hasn't become "too cleaned up", if you know what I mean.

  4. We are in a similar position in that we are re jigging an over mature garden - I like what you have done with yours.

    I am enjoying thinking about what to move, dig up,propgate and generally re arrange where :)

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  6. It looks lovely - and so difficult! Definitely a good idea!