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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fun afternoon

Today Ian and I decided we'd been indoors a little too much, it is so easy to stay at home, read, knit (me), study maths or paint (Ian) so we decided to take advantage of the dry afternoon and our Kew membership.

We were in for a treat, so rather than my attempts to describe the pumpkins and squashes and then the tea party by the glass house I will download the photos. to give an idea of the IncrEdibles Festival in these Gardens.

In the Waterlily House,is the Pumpkin Pyramid, four metres high with 75 different types, including one called Munchkin.

We could have purchased squashes or pumpkins, instead we bought eating apples, £1.00 for six, a Norfolk variety, grown in Berkshire and hadn't been sprayed.

Nothing could be removed from the table, all the china had been screwed firmly in place, likewise the chairs were fixed but useable.

After seeing all this we went into the Princess of Wales Conservatory, I took these two pictures of orchids, to commemorate keeping our three alive, I think through neglect and finding the right spot.

I forget that although Princess Diana opened this new conservatory it wasn't named for her but Augusta, Princess of Wales, a grand daughter of  George II.


  1. Gorgeous pictures Pixie Mum. It sounds like a lovely day out.
    I really do miss Kew. When we were first married we lived in Putney and used to walk the towpath whenever we could, often ending up at Kew.
    The orchids look wonderful.

  2. The pumpkin pyramid and the tea party are great!
    Have you seen the pumpkin festival pictures I posted last year?