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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Kneller Girls

Life has been busy, it follows that blogging takes a back seat so a brief account of events last Saturday (2nd November) will serve a record.

Way back in August had a phone call from Hazel, a classmate who now resides in Bondi announcing she was coming to England again so would I arrange a gathering of Kneller Girls on her first Saturday here. It wasn't till I saw announcements of Rugby International dates that I realised that it would not be possible to meet up in the local pub as we did last time so dear Ian suggested we host a gathering here.

It is not the actual holding of an event that is wearisome, it is the correspondence, contacting people beforehand and awaiting responses. It has to be said that emailing has helped, it seems to encourage prompt replies. I have attempted to track down long lost members of our class, each reunion has seen new faces. This resulted in a girl, who whilst she couldn't attend, sent a list of the names of our form when we were equivalent of Year 9, along with photos. 

I'm not putting photos or names here from our gatherings, but we spent time attempting to identify the teachers in this picture, taken about 1960 - 61.

All went well on Saturday, we had plenty of food for I had taken an easy option and asked a local catering firm, Hampton Hampers to provide a buffet lunch. Really pleased I did, took all the worry and stress away for although we do have enough, even china plates, cutlery and napkins were included. 

Photographed before we removed the cling film, have used some of the cheese that wasn't eaten to make a quiche today. I think we may have slightly over ordered but I hope no one left hungry. 

Although I think I enjoyed the day, have said I won't organise again, but will ensure contact details are sent to everyone, certainly I don't want to lose touch, others have said the same. Must get on with updating address list, I am surprised how lacking I am in energy after this. Maybe because we don't entertain it was harder; we are so unused to having people, even family to stay, also I worry that it will be a disaster, or no one will come. Daft I know!

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  1. Your reunion sounds great, and it was a wise decision to employ a catering firm. You were certainly busy enough without making the food! I love hosting events at my place, but the most I can reasonably fit in is about 15 people, my flat is just not big enough. This month and the next, I have 3 events coming up, and really looking forward to all of them.