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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Proud parents

Well, I haven't said much lately have I? Reason is that there hasn't been much to say till now as I don't want to moan about the first cold I have had this winter for bad cold means antibiotics so have to recover from them too. Life is revolving around planning for "after the exam", now just five days away, not good for Ian as he has had terrible toothache, kind dentist saw him yesterday and identified gum infection so it is Ian's turn for antibiotics.

Not sure whether I have mentioned here that our son, Adam, belongs to the Royal Naval Reserve, today HMS Wildfire paraded on the tennis courts and we were very proud to see him awarded with a cup and plaque for Top Achiever 2013.

It was interesting to see our son's world, he was officer in charge of the guard so used his sword during the ceremony, later we saw how he cared for those in his Division, spoke with their families as well as looking after his wife and parents. Like us and his sister, he worries that all will not go well but it did. After all, he practised beforehand, it didn't spoil the fun.

I was impressed with the smart, young cadets, speaking with one of their leaders he spoke of how the organisation gives these youngsters an extra beyond school and home, many apparently open up to the leaders where they wouldn't to a teacher or parent.  All the Reserves hold down civilian employment whilst giving of their time to the Reserves, also many, like our son, are mobilised and undertake full duties with the regular services.

Just before I turn in, in under three weeks from submitting her CV to an agency Martha has obtained a new position in Dorset so is on the move from the Sussex coast to a beach further west nearer family and friends.


  1. I hope you have fully recovered from your cold now, and Ian's gum infection will soon be gone, too.
    Very good reasons for being proud parents!

  2. Best wishes to Ian for the exam, at least the antibiotics have time to do their stuff. Sorry you're under the weather too, there have been horrid chest infections about and that's the last thing you need.