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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pictures at an exhibition

Well, the shawl is finished, am pleased with it, there maybe an opportunity to wear it soon, but have just photographed it across the banister over some tablecloths.

One picture had flash on, one didn't, so one shows stitches and one shows yarn. In the end it hadn't mattered that the shawl wasn't finished for Sunday, weather was too chilly for the dress so wore a much warmer one with the first shawl I ever made, a Forest Canopy Shawl, the colour of which is Atlantic.

In case anyone can be in London before the Kaffe Fassett exhibition closes on 29th June here are a few random pictures from inside the museum where visitors were encouraged to take pictures as long as the flash was switched off.

When we came out, walked along Bermondsey Street towards London Bridge station and it was fascinating to see the old buildings with the Shard lurking overhead behind in the first photo below.

I marvel at cleaned up London, at the regeneration of some areas like this one, whilst feeling a little overwhelmed at how crowded and busy it is at times. Such a difference from when I worked in London in my late teens and twenties. Notwithstanding, I cannot imagine living anywhere else, but I wonder how many others residing here can trace family living here for over two hundred years.


  1. Such a shame about the weather being too chilly for the dress! But I'm sure you looked great nonetheless.

    Wow, that is one colourful exhibition!
    And the street is indeed very clean, nothing there that shouldn't be.

  2. I was born and lived my first 4 years in Borough near London Bridge. I went back to look at the old street recently and, although it has changed, there were still bits I recognised. It gave me quite an eerie feeling. I bought hubby a trip up the Shard as a birthday pressie and we are going up next month. Looking forward to it. Your shawl looks good with the light shining through.

  3. I like the colours you've used here - went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition and have a post about it ready to go :)

    Love living in London too, and yep have planned a trip to the Transport Museum shop for that poster postcard. I have a friend who has five generations living in and around the same area - where she 'married out' as her beloved is the next postcode over :lol:

  4. Hi PixieMum! Indigo here, we met briefly at Zoe's on Saturday. The shawl looks lovely! And I have to say I surprised myself by being more intrigued by the Kaffe Fassett photos that I expected; such beautiful colours! Indigo

  5. PixieMum you won the Hampton Court tickets! email me so I can sort them out for you :-)

  6. Hello! It was lovely to meet you and 'I' on Saturday. I love Kaffe Fasset, and used to do lots of knitting Before Arthritis. I envy you, it must be lovely to be completely surrounded by his deisgns.