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Monday, 7 May 2012

New home for knitting needles

Well, we have been having big moves, especially of furniture because we have spread out, stuff has gone up country to our son and south to our daughter and led us to reconsider how we live in our house, mindful that Ian has chosen to  three or four years of study ahead of him so peace, quiet and no interruptions are required and granted.

Meanwhile, my life has involved collecting lots of yarn that necessitates storage for my stash and patterns, my family history research papers need better storage than two plastic boxes. As Martha's room has been cleared of all furniture except a bed that can double as a sofa, we considered how it should be furnished to be practical. It then hit us that the study was overloaded with storage units from Beaver and Tapley. So shelving, desk top and storage units have been moved into Martha's room, also giving me a home for my laptop and iPad. The laptop had perched on the dining table and it was so easy to switch it on and be lost in the wonders of Blogland, Ravelry and Google maps for many hours. Now it is more deliberate to switch on so I hope I will waste less time. A bonus is that I can link it up to a small printer and to the scanner I bought when I left Book Data, some 10 years ago this month.

There is so much history to be found when moving one's belongings around during a sort out, have commandeered an antique gift that Ian bought for his father. It is a pipe rack, meant for clay pipes so never used by FiL as his pipes didn't fit but it has become a holder for my metal knitting needles. The wooden ones live in a jug I made and painted at The Manor House Hotel in Devon, the crochet hooks and pens are in Art Deco Mugs that leak liquids

These are not all my needles, there are some in a case of Aero needles that I gave to my mother as a gift, others are stored in a cardboard tube that held shortbread biscuits. A bonus of this room is the size of the window cill, all extra space to display treasures.

In the picture one can just see our new wall and new gate, alas not the plants in the front garden.

Must just add that we have met Martha's kittens, they are delightful, still cautious especially Molly but Tabitha was bolder and actually sat on my lap and allowed this temporary staffer to stroke her. Long time since I have had a cat to stroke so am looking forward to getting to know these girls.

Our old throws have been put to good use by protecting the sofa from cats'  fur and scratchings!

More updates later.....


  1. I wish my children had room for some of our furniture!

  2. I love the knitting needle rack!

  3. Cool! From the far view it looks like a decor, good combination of wood and metal knitting needles; nice knitting needle rack! Thanks for sharing this!