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Monday, 14 May 2012

Daybook again.

MONDAY, MAy 14, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook:  14th May 2012

Outside my window ... it looks cold, windy and has been raining. Not sure I want to go out this evening, AGM time at the local history society, am aware I would be letting my friend down with whom I go and it gives Ian a chance of peace and quiet for his 'sums'.

I planted the 'bee friendly' plants in the front garden yesterday the gentle rain of today is probably a good thing in spite of the soaking I gave the plants and soil. Thank goodness for the water butts, they are full still.

Here's a view of the front garden, shews the gaps for which we have hollyhock and morning glory seeds.

Eventually the poor quality grass will be replaced by plants, but as we have spent over £200.00 so far, augmented by gifted, transplanted and freecycled plants and seeds it is not a project to be rushed.

From the learning rooms ... Ian is working hard on the last few details of his Maths TMA, in between relishing the extra space obtained by moving out some of the furniture and repositioning the table into the centre of the room.

I am thankful ... that I have a new battery in my 5 year old Toshiba laptop. thought it would have been a difficult project, we had asked at John Lewis as we'd had purchased it there, they gave us details of a company who specialise in Toshibas, we phoned, we found the right parts number, paid the amount requested - far less than a new machine - were told the battery would come some time this week. We were blessed with delivery on Saturday, there were no instructions but I found the original pristine manual and was surprised how easy it was to remove the old and install the new.

I am wearing ... my faithful old jeans, so pleased I can fit in them again and a warm White Stuff top. Will need to change before I go out though.

I am creating ...  a sleeveless Shalom cardigan, the pattern was downloaded from here I has been quite a learning curve form me, a little frogging has been necessary, not the fault of the designer I might add but my lack of attention to detail. So much to learn, so little time.

This is how far I have come, it's a top down pattern, no seaming as knitted in the round, am just below the armholes, am pleased it was designed for some one tall so I know it will be long enough for me. I dislike a gap at my waist (well where my waist was) when tops are too short.

I am reading ...  Songs of blue and gold by Deborah Lawrenson, have completed part 1. Needless to say this is a reading group book, am keen to keep going as it not a heavy or blood thirsty read. Well not so far, I don't know what happens next.
I am hoping... Martha's cats 'take' to me, which reminds me, they are brother and sister, not sisters. the declaration about this on Facebook prompted over 70 comments, many of which involved much discussion about choice of name now that Tabitha was not. He is now Tabs so the poor soul is not too confused. Toby was a runner up in the naming stakes.

I am hearing ... very little, the house is quiet, no planes and even more lovely no building, drilling or cutting noise from next door's building works. Is the work nearly complete? Will we be able to sit in our garden without being deafened or covered in dust? These are important questions chez Pixie Mansions.

One of my favourite things ...  old documentary films, a recent find was this, . It was fascinating that the trains to Reading and Camberley stopped at our local station at this time (1944) but nowadays we are told that South West trains cannot do this. I know it was war time but the passengers all seem to look smartly dressed and no one appears overweight as life was physically tougher then. (Using a manual typewriter used more calories than an electric one so when the latter cam into service apparently typists put on more weight)

A few plans for the rest of the week ... little planned, except for volunteering at Local Studies and maybe knitting group in their new venue. Oh, yes, it is Christian Aid this week so I shall be smiling at everyone near a pedestrian crossing in the High Street on Saturday. Give generously folks so others may have life before death.

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  1. Indeed, the change from mechanical to electric/electronic typewriters made more difference than what people imagine!
    When I learned to type, it was still the old mechanical machines, and gosh did I have tight little packets of muscles on the underside of my fingers! They have all largely gone now, and I do not have much strength in my hands anymore.

    Anyway - I have popped over to say a warm Welcome to you as my latest follower!