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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Dennis consequences

What an odd name to use for a storm, it has had an effect on our lives for we had planned to go to the South Coast as it is half term  to see the grandchildren and their parents and the plentiful tourist spots.    As usual I was making a pineapple fruit cake to take with us, the mixture was cooling before eggs and flour were to be added, I checked the weather on my phone, noticed rain was forecast well into next week and made a sudden decision not to go. I know the maxim, there is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing, for me it is a health issue going out in such conditions.

So accommodation was cancelled, discussions were had about delivery of granddaughter’s birthday present and second cotton knitted facecloth to be used instead a disposable wipes, the most difficult rescheduling was for milk delivery.

The milk  had been cancelled, we then had an email informing us our delivery days were to be changed from Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Monday, Wednesday and Friday from this coming Monday. So, we had cancelled this Saturday and Tuesday, I went to the website to reinstate the service, was unable to do so, telephoned the company, it was possible to order and pay for this Saturday’s milk but not for  Monday’s for even the very helpful Jackie was defeated by the system. Looking through the website later it is tied up with how the payment system works, we pay in advance. It means we will just buy milk in a plastic container, not to difficult as we live a few minutes from the High Street with a choice of small supermarkets, I prefer milk in recyclable bottles, we don’t have to carry it, if we need a lot of milk we then have to drive to the shops with the temptation of purchases we don’t need.  Decluttering is the plan, a rereading of Marie Kendo is needed whilst we are bunkered down over the next few days, meanwhile I will use up Rowan Big Wool stash to make the last cushion cover for the kitchen chairs. Photos when it is finished. 


  1. Another storm on the way? I have not yet heard of that, we have only just come out (thankfully, unharmed) the last one. Over here, the weekend is supposed to get as warm as 18 Celsius, can you believe it!
    You are so right about using recyclable bottles, any chance we get to cut down on plastic we should use.
    I hope you'll be able to gon on your trip another time.

  2. I've just cut the milk delivery from two pints, on different days, to one. But to make up for it, I'm ordering butter and croissants too on that day. We're lucky here because we can get milk straight from the farm and that's better than milkman's milk for yoghurt, because it's so fresh. we reuse the glass bottles too.