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Thursday, 25 July 2019

In a jam.

We are fortunate at Pixie Towers, our garden was an orchard before the land was developed in the early 1930s, so we have damson trees in the garden, apple trees, we did plant more apples when we came here. This year the damson tree has produced and is producing a good crop.  A couple of days ago Ian picked nearly five pounds, upon looking at them this morning it was realised that some were already destined for the compost bin, damsons need to be used almost as they are picked.

So, on what is apparently going to be the warmest day ever here we are making jam! One batch done, another simmering in the preserving pan, more fruit is ripening.
 Photos added at the end, once that’s done can’t amend the text.


  1. I bet the scent in your kitchen was/is wonderful!

  2. Tim has damsons in his garden, but the gardeners cut them back last year (they were 'volunteers' in the first place) and we didn't get any. Hoping for a few next week, as we've nearly finished the chutney from two years ago and the jam was eaten a long time ago.

  3. My neighbour planted a plum tree about a foot away from our shared fence. There is almost as much tree hanging over my garden as there is over hers. So I have an abundant supply of plums at this time of year. Never thought of making jam though. I must look into it.