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Tuesday, 21 May 2019


Yes, for the first time for a couple of years we went on holiday, so different from anything we’d done before, connecting our ruby wedding anniversary, Knitting & Crochet Guild and first time cruising. Way back in 2017 an article by a frequent cruiser in Slipknot suggested KCG held workshops and Knit & Natter sessions on sea days, opinions were sought as to to dates and destinations, result was this May, Norwegian Fjords and P & O Ventura. Although about 5 weeks ahead of our actual anniversary we decided to make it part of our celebrations, we didn’t want a rent-a-mob party. Advantages included no flying, it is not the actual flying, it is all the hanging about as one is told to be at the airport hours before the flight so much money can be spent in the departure lounges. These are even more profitable for the airport finances than landing fees.

As newbies to this we enlisted the help of Ben, our travel agent who advised us on cabin location, meal service - we had freedom dining - car parking etc.  Before we went we booked 4 tours, nothing energetic but organised so no danger of missing the boat. There was a closed Facebook page discussing all things woolly and cruising advice.

Briefly, it was all very successful, it did take us a few days to work out how everything worked like the onboard spending, there were fewer knitters and crocheters join us than expected, I learnt Judy’s magic cast on and at last conquered Dorset buttons, the usual friendliness of craft people as we met each day for afternoon tea. I had taken some stash that I couldn’t see myself using for passengers who wished to learn to knit, pleased to say it will be used for charitable purposes.

Because of GDPR there are no photos of knitting on board, instead amongst the pictures will include a photo of Ian and I in Norway, he’s wearing a crocheted scarf, mine is knitted.

Once I add photos Blogger won’t let me return to the text so no annotations.

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