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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Little things.

The tiny splodge of purple is a stray crocus that has popped up in the front garden, the grass was laid last Autumn, it was thought that all the old bulbs had been relocated to the flower beds, indeed bulbs are appearing through the newly fertilised beds but I loved this one tiny spot of colour that bravely fought through the new turf. It was one of those mindfulness moments, the beauty of nature that lifts one. Not that I needed cheering up, we had been to the church coffee morning, won some lovely heart shaped chocolates and a small patio rose - suspect this rose will find a home in the church grounds somewhere - before we tootled off to Teddington and Piazza Firenze, as usual ate a pizza fiorentina, my usual choice when eating Italian. 

An unassuming day, simple pleasures, a good meal, a stray crocus, newspaper to browse, two cakes made, the Victoria sponge went to the coffee morning, the pineapple fruit cake is for our consumption,  a copy of Country Living purchased, ideal reading for a townie, it’s ok as the cake recipes and design ideas aren’t necessarily just for country living.

Progress was made with crocheting the Sweet Pea blanket, I’m way behind but it doesn’t matter, each stitch formation is calming and meditative. 


  1. Your crocus moment reminds me of Friday after work, when for the first time this year on my way back from the office I saw snowdrops in a small strip of green between the footpath and the railway.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I shall be back to yours to check on your sweet pea progress, looking good so far.
    I am enjoying it altho' slow I don't always crochet in the evenings.