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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Progress report

Just a brief blog to show what I have been doing lately. 

A Puerperium Cardigan for Rachel, along with a couple of hats, all three garments definitely for newborns, 

We don't know whether these are for a great niece or nephew, blue for outerwear would suit either.

A work in progress for Rachel too is a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket), I am attempting not too knit too tightly these days but still went up a needle size to obtain the right tension. 

For a long while crochet squares have been my portable project, all 156 have been crocheted together, borders have been created, one beige and one pink, just a final border in blue for definition to be hooked. 

The photo shows I have some ends to weave in. This throw started as a project to use up odds and ends of double knitting, from it I have learnt that double knitting covers a wide variety of thickness of yarn so shall we say that not all the crochet squares ended up the same size. However, it is warm, snuggly and I have the perfect home for it, although it is not going to be just for display but for use, warmth and enjoyment. 

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  1. What a good idea, to have buttons all the way down. They're all lovely.