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Monday, 30 November 2015


The throw is made, very difficult to photograph, Ian used picture hooks and this was the result:-

Very warm and snuggly, pleased with the final result and yesterday for a few minutes this young man was lying on it, but he would rather be cuddled or sleep in some one's arms like this:-

Notice behind me is the Beekeepers Quilt over the back of the sofa. 

Edward and his parents stayed  Saturday night, gave his parents to catch up on sleep whilst we amused Edward. 

Meanwhile, I am battling with Ian's socks, not sure how many times I have carefully unpicked the work, stitch by stitch, now going to attempt the heels with an eye on Uni Challenge. 


  1. Hi Pixie-mum!
    This is Penny from violet-white! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I agree, never write about religion or politics! Personally I tend not to believe in either.
    As for the socks, I have been knitting them for about 15 years now and still make mistakes regularly :-)
    On the present pair I stupidly made the first one with a 2" longer foot than I wanted. How idiotic is that? Now I'm knitting the second one (correct length, I hope) and have to undo the toe of the first and unravel to the correct length. Is it my age, I wonder...