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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


On 16th June to celebrate our thirty sixth wedding anniversary we went to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, after lunch at Cote in St Martin's Lane. We like Cote, the lunchtime menu is good value with not enormous quantities, the food is straightforward, recognisable and seasonable, also there is fish on the menu which we enjoy, also the chocolate pots have good dark chocolate, not sweet milk flavours. 

There are still traditional secondhand book shops in the courts between Charing Cross Road and St Martin's Lane so of course we just had to have a browse, this was the result:-

Just in case it isn't clear it is Lucia van dear Post's book, William Morris and Morris & Co which was bought from Bookends for £5.00, the original was £20.00 in 2003. It is in excellent condition, hardly read, links with our visit to The Red House a week or two ago as it is featured. 

At the Royal Academy we were greeted by the much publicised, highly coloured staircase, showing signs of wear too, not sure whether I liked it but the colours reminded me of efforts to produce cheerful and bright coloured crochet throws and blankets, must be all the bright reds and yellows. 

We went round the ‘wrong’ way or backwards, don’t think it mattered, meant we weren’t with the same cohort as we moved around. Bit naughty, but sometimes the people were as fascinating as the exhibits. 

The three photos above are exhibits that had a knitting or crochet element, should have recorded the numbers. Will ask DH to look them up, he is a member and will be able to find them online.

If anyone else is going to the RA may we recommend the gluten free chocolate cake , ideal to face the journey home. Fortunately and as usual I was offered a seat straight away on the crowded Piccadilly and District lines so was able to crochet all the way home.       

Thinking about how often I am offered a seat on buses, trains and the underground, I was still bemused, and very slightly hurt when at my daughter's new home a couple of days ago, her next door neighbour asked me to pass a message on my granddaughter!  I know my daughter looks young for her age, I have done the arithmetic, if there had been teenage pregnancies if would be possible, however I was in my thirties when I had my family, as was my mother, her mother and my great grandmother was 27 when she had her first child. Anyway, I'm not even a grandmother yet, I know it is silly to find this unthinking remark ageist, instead I will delight in daughter's youthfulness. 


  1. I've only been offered a seat on the train the other day when I was holding a blood-stained tissue to my nose! Usually, nobody could care less whether I sit or stand :-)

  2. I was always offered a seat too, before I had my hip op and I was immensely grateful. It isn't a matter of age, it's whether you look as if you need it, for whatever reason.

    You look far too young to have a grown up granddaughter, people are odd!

  3. I'd like to point out that he only has one working eye and he wears glasses for the other one. You don't look like my grandmother x