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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Carry on blogging

Plenty has been happening including a discussion why so many bloggers seem to have stopped, so I have decided to make a positive effort to continue this mix of a diary, non-controversial observations and knitting record. 

So to start with knitting, here is the completed puerperium cardigan for Cygnet. This has been an exciting project, I have learnt long tail cast on and experienced top down knitting, hence the garment has no seams. 

Now for something completely different.  It is a plea to all hoteliers, B&Bs, in fact any accommodation, please provide adequate lighting so one can read in the bedroom, either in the single armchair or in bed. Far more important than a TV.  My second gripe is about taps. Please would you ensure that all taps are wrist action, these shown below are impossible to turn off with wet hands or to use with even the mildest of arthritis where it is difficult to obtain a grip. 

Back to the positive. When we moved into Pixie Towers there were two electric meters, day and night, we continued with this assuming we were thrifty is doing so, indeed the washing machine and dishwasher were set to run at night when we were a household of four. At some point earlier this year I read that we may not have been so thrifty as the day rate was considerably higher to compensate for the night rate. We checked up, calculations were done, phone calls made and our meters changed from a distance. At one point Ian was out, I took the call from our electricity supplier, even though I had the codes was not allowed to discuss the account as my name wasn't on it. That problem has now been rectified, we are checking that all our household accounts are in joint names. 

Additionally, if there was an emergency we would be priority on my health grounds, didn't know about this special scheme so felt is was considerate of BG to mention it.  

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  1. Sorry to hear that many of your blogging friends have stopped blogging; can't say the same as we probably follow different blogs. Good to know you are determined to keep it up, I'd miss you posts if you stopped or moved your blog elsewhere!
    Can't quite work out the tap pictures, how is it to be opened?
    Very good point about the light. I've mostly been lucky when in hotels and had no problem reading in bed, but I often miss the tea/coffee-making facilities I am used to from hotels in England. It's not the norm in German hotels.