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Thursday, 14 May 2015

May time

    Life has seen quite a whirlwind of changes since my last postings, one item on our action list that has been taking much time and thought is updating Pixie Towers so we are going ahead with replacing our kitchen units, just an L shaped run is required as we have a beautiful Tardis like dresser along one wall, another wall houses a larder and the fridge freezer. 

Our cupboards are Shaker Cream, we are keeping to the same but the new ones have so much better innards so will hold more, also instead of a Formica type top we are having real oak as we consider it fits the Art and Crafts style of our 1934 property. 

Our downstairs cloakroom is going to expand outwards to include a shower, the area is at the back of the garage so the pedestrian door will be moved to the side and the back of the utility room which will require a window to be blocked up. What has amazed me is the plethora of rules and regulations this has entailed, our property's original foundations were at most 2'6", the new foundations would have to be at least a metre of solid concrete just for five feet of single storey wall. Planning permission has been obtained, not essential but very important if we ever decided to sell, building regulations have been approved, now being changed as the building surveyor has suggested a beam across rather than the metre of concrete. This beam apparently negates the need for us to pay for a party wall surveyor for us and for our neighbours. We still have to make a decision as to which firm of builders we employ, the work must start by beginning of November. When the work is at its most dusty I shall decamp to family around the country. 

After more than two years of deliberating we have changed our car, we had experienced travelling in a Qashqai, liked the ride and the toys on the dashboard, in April we found ourselves at a local dealers, a week later we drove away a 360 in battleship grey, the colour was a compromise as I would have liked a bright cheery red, now both our cars are grey, the previous two were silvery grey. Talking of previous cars, the Citroen went to cousin who had had our previous car ten years ago, that has now gone to cousin's sister.  Nearly 30 years ago their parents had one of our cars, a bright red Ford Escort Ghia, one of those lovely cars that just go and go for ever. 

Of course when one has a new toy it has to be tried out so after voting on 7th May we drove to Malvern, meeting up with second cousins (from maternal side of my family) to visit the RHS Malvern Spring show on the Friday. Even though I had my camera and camera phone I never took any pictures, instead here is the hydrangea we bought. 

The following morning was spent around Malvern, admiring the views from the hills, lunching in the town and purchasing yarn in The Knitting Parlour, a delightful yarn shop. Had good advice and assistance, bought the pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket, this yarn to make it

My other purchase was sock yarn to make socks for Ian, here's the yarn for these:- 

In the afternoon we visited Elgar's birthplace, as seems usual for me in museums I take far too long going around especially one as interesting as this. It is not only the music but the social history behind the life, the material at the museum reflected this very well. No photos but I am sure there is plenty at the official website. The volunteers are friendly and keen to chat, I think we could have spent so much longer there but we had tickets for Rebecca at the theatre in Malvern and needed to eat beforehand. 

I have finished the Puerperium cardigan, photos will follow when I have blocked it and sewn on the buttons, meanwhile I am working on the second sock, some ripping back has been done. The photo shows the pair I made for Martha in the same yarn.

In between I have started the book group's current read, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, have just finished Part 1, so will comment later. 

As the cake I have made for a May Fair is now cooked, I will stop, prepare for an early night for tomorrow morning I am collecting for Christian Aid outside the local railway station.  When did railway station become train station? 


  1. That's a lot going on indeed! But all these activities sound like good things to have to look back (and forward) to.
    My sister is just in the process of deciding about a new car, her Fiat Punto is nearly 20 years old and would need costly repair not worth bothering.
    How was "Rebecca"? I've only ever seen the film and read the book, but not been to a theatre performance.

  2. "The Book Thief" is one of my all time favourite books! I hope you are liking it, too! We are also in desperate need of a new kitchen -- I live in hope that we will be able to get started in the Autumn. Good luck with all your projects!

  3. We have a lovely Qashqai which is 4x4 - necessary as we live on the edge of the Malvern hills and can get snowed in. We're lucky here with a good wool shop, theatre and the Three Counties Showground - there's a quilt show on at present. Building regs and planning rules are incomprehensible - out of proportion to the work. Hope it all goes well.

  4. The Book Thief is a very good story though somewhat grim, the Malvern Spring Show a true delight though now out of my reach, and lastly train station is American not English AAAArgh!!
    How do you find time to breath between all your manic activities?
    Just asking :-)

  5. My daughter has just bought a Qashqai and is very pleased with it. When test-driving it, the only concern was the very small rear window, but they haven't found it a problem.

    I still say railway station, but I suspect I'm in the minority.