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Sunday, 26 April 2015

A host of daffodils

'A few weeks ago I received an email from the chairman of the local floral club inviting me to a St George's Day event in aid of Help for Heroes. Not only did the afternoon include demonstrations of flower arranging but also afternoon tea. Flower arranging is a subject about which I know absolutely nothing, tried once at a church many years ago, my inexperienced efforts were criticised even though it was known it was the first time I I had put stalks into soggy oasis, so no way I would have joined a flower arranging rota there. 

I took some time before I replied to the invitation, I am a great procrastinator, wondered who else should be attending, would it be a friendly occasion. To my great delight whilst I was signing in, B. from knitting group spotted me, indicated a seat at her table and told me she had noticed my name on the email and had hoped I was coming. I was so surprised and delighted, meant I didn't have to find and seat or be rebuffed if I asked to join a table. 

Putting the flowers Ian buys me into vases is the extent of my floral arts, I know now no leaves in the water, to cut the ends of the stems, and to top up the water each day, just hope that I can recall the other  hints that Dennis gave in his talk. His beautiful arrangements were raffled, I was fortunate to win 100 daffodils, they had been bound together and stood upright in a shallow dish. Needless to say this was not replicated when I was home. It looked as if the hundred were in one bunch but at home discovered there were ten bunches so I was able to share with my friend and a neighbour. If I had realised this before I left the venue I would have given some bunches to B., she deserved them. 

We were shown how to fold aspidistra leaves so have tried this, think the process is more for use in hiding edges of an oasis arrangement, so what, it was fun trying something new. There is a thought about considering joining the Floral Club, I cannot keep up with all my other activities, family history, local history for there is still some research I would like to do, I haven't completed indexing local history publications so felt very guilty about this when asked at the last meeting how this was going. Also, Summer is coming, we need to go out to play in the fresh air. 

Did I mention the knitting and crochet progress? Have done about 112 crochet granny patchwork squares, none are joined as I want the squares all mixed. Knitting has progressed, friend's granddaughter is wearing this cardigan now.  The little girl for whom this was made is tiny, usually wears 3 to 6 month clothes, the Joseph cardigan was made to fit 12 to 18 month girl yet apart from the long sleeves it fits her. 

Now I thought I had knitted too tightly, or had wrong sized needles, the size markings had worn off my Knit Pro circulars yet I measured them and they are 4mm. It wasn't until I read other comments on Ravelry about this pattern that I realised other knitters had found the pattern came up small.

Thank goodness for Ravelry, so much to learn from other knitters, for my latest project I have compared other reviews for difficulties but have found none for the Puerperium cardigan - just useful advice. 

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  1. Wow, you are one busy lady!
    Were you really afraid of being rebuffed when asking to join a table? I do not hope people would have been so unfriendly and impolite!