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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Some good things

It has been noticed that in various online places that folks are posting five good things in their lives, sometimes it is five good things for five days. Rather than commit myself to such discipline this procrastinator will post good things here with no regard for number or frequency.

Firstly, our garden, Ian has worked so hard in his green gym to make this look beautiful, last week he surprised the shop keeper by buying a whole tray of cyclamen to plant amongst the trees. 

Both pictures were taken with my iPad, not sure why they are different shape but I am still learning, not sure how to blow them up for those reading this on computers rather than tablets. 

Another delight in the garden is the bird feeders, if we eat breakfast in the kitchen rather than the dining room we are entertained by birds at the feeders, far better than Breakfast TV, especially when one is watching three parakeets trying to balance and feed. I am cruel enough to chase away the large number of pigeons who do the same acrobatics. 

A bit mundane, another delight for me is the home comfort afforded by domestic machinery and controls. This chilly morning I was just able to tap the plus symbol on the heating controls to ensure a warm house; a few minutes ago the washing machine pinged to tell me the laundry run was finished so I could put it in the dryer. When I compare this with the twin tub, the Redfire (?) with the coal scuttle filled from the coal bunker using a rusty cold shovel and washing freezing out on the washing line I am so appreciative. 

Finally, a good thing I have succeeded in making coasters to under under plant holders. I had quite a lot of bright coloured Rowan Big Wool to use up so made these five coasters for the orchids on the window cill. Must say that we have net curtains purely for security, I don't like them but blinds or shutters would look so wrong in a 1930s bay window with traditional furniture of that era. 

the coaster below matches the plant holder that came from my parent's home. It was on their dining room hearth too, but matches our blue tiles so well. Having a few items from our family homes is another small source of pleasure, for example two of our chiming clocks belonged to our respective grandparents. The main challenge is to have all three chiming clocks synchronised, another source of happiness. 

Below is my attempt at an aerial shot of the Granny Square without the pot on top.

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  1. These are all truly worthy of being called "Good Things"! I like the expression "green gym" - will tell my Dad, who loves his garden and works in it every free minute, weather allowing.
    Like you, I appreciate modern house commodities very much. I grew up in a house where the stove in the bathroom worked on wood and coal. It was always a chore to get the wood and the coal from the cellar, empty the ash tray when it was full and clean up afterwards. Nowadays I can have a hot shower anytime without all that. But I must say that stove gave a wonderful kind of warmth.