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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Gardens seem to have figured in our lives this month, our own refurbishment, visit to Hampton Court Flower Show and last Sunday we went to a local garden open through the Natinal Gardens Scheme. 

Our own refurbishment has included some colourful plants to complement the green

The NGS garden was at Petersham House, it wasn't an enormous garden, many years ago part of the garden was used for a local nursery and cafe/restaurant. Many of the plants were just the same as in any suburban garden, just in greater quantities. There were bees, some outside their hives and I managed to photograph a butterfly. 

Not easy, my camera is a Ixus70, about 7 years old and I have never understood all the controls so I stick with auto. 

There were lovely views of Richmond Hill from the garden:-

We chose to travel by bus to this garden knowing that parking is dire in this area. So glad we did as we squeezed past the big 4WD jammed up and having to back out onto a very narrow A-road. Both buses were full, why is the frequency of buses and trains and the number of carriages cut back at the weekend? In the touristy parts of London parking restrictions apply seven days a week, why not public transport at full strength. One of our local bus routes leading to Kingston is a single decker running an hourly service, it is always crowded and doesn't run on a Sunday. 

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  1. Looks like a beautiful garden, and you did well going by bus! Yes, I am sure with a little effort, public transport could be organised better on weekends. Of course, bus drivers etc. will cost the companies a little bit more when they work weekend shifts, but it should all be covered by the amount of passengers.