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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Flower show

Yesterday  Ian and I went to the Hampton Court flower show, we have been a few times before, this year's journey there and back was the best ever. On the advice of a neighbour who spoke to us just as we were about to leave, we parked in Bushy Park using the usual car park within sight of the Palace. Even though it was less than half an hour to opening time there were plenty of places, we ambled towards the gate, joined the long queue before finding cousins. 

For once didn't meet anyone we knew, surprising as the show is really just down the road from us, well about three miles, recognised Carol Klein who was in a hot greenhouse preparing to be filmed and later Toby Buckland in discussion but little sign of filming. 

Didn't take many pictures, this next one was to identify a plant Ian liked:-

And the last one shows a garden full of flowers, maybe a bit old fashioned, rather than the symbolism of severe hard surfaces, sculpture and water. 

As I have written this using a new app will post it to see what happens, even though no knitting news. 


  1. Old fashioned in a good way though. Glad it was good this year - I called on a friend this morning whose wife was there today.

  2. Just learnt from BBC2 programme that this last garden is called The Forgotten Folly, one of the small gardens.

  3. I love the lovely soft colours of the last garden. Very much my sort of thing.
    How I envy you being so near.
    John and I used to go to Chelsea, Malvern Spring Show, NEC Birmingham and Hampton Court and both agreed that Hampton Court was by far the best.
    Sadly, even if I could get there these days would not have the energy for the hours of walking.

  4. I like old fashioned! Especially in gardens.