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Thursday, 26 June 2014


I have attempted to write a blog this evening, post a couple of photos of a yarn shop in Palermo whilst mentioning our holiday in Sicily.

Well it hasn't worked. It is all part of the conundrum of whether I need a laptop or an hour's instruction by Apple to use the iPad to its full potential. Even the new Apple widget to download photos from my camera to iPad has just downloaded 35 out of 60 something. Fortunately the photos are still in the camera and have been downloaded onto Ian's laptop but that doesn't make them available here to show you the photos of the Fiat 500L I saw parked in Taormina. It was identical, except for the left hand drive to the one I had in my early twenties.

No doubt assistance will be forthcoming from DD when we see her but meanwhile, I am still here, now knitting socks.  Started them in Sicily, continued on the plane and at Pixie Towers.


  1. I wish I could help. I bought a new laptop in January and it took me weeks to get used to it. I thought I had made a mistake even buying it. But I am used to it now and find it easy to use. I'm sure you will reach that stage as well. T(here weren't any lessons available, so I read a few books and online help forums.)

  2. Well, until you get it worked out, you could email the pictures you particularly want from the laptop to the iPad. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. You were missed!