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Thursday, 23 January 2014

More garden changes

To keep my readers up to date with the garden saga at Pixie Towers, this is to record last week's changes to the back garden. Briefly, the high winds at the beginning of the year damaged the fencing so all of ours has been replaced. The left hand side is not our fence so it continues to lean and wobble, we did tell the owner about our plans but the letter was ignored. Kingston Garden Services who tidied the garden at the back end of last year carried out the work, our next project is to replace the green moss and weeds known as the lawn.

then the result, after much problems with some areas being rather waterlogged, the water table was very near the surface.  I was a bit surprised, according to the Ordnance Survey map we are on a contour line so higher up. Joking of course, even though we are on gravel there is a limit to how much water can be drained away, but it made it difficult for the guys to concrete the posts in along the back of the garden.

Not only was fencing replaced but at the same time the guys cleared and tidied the garden too even though that wasn't in the specification.


  1. That picture of blue skies and your new fence in the sun is so nice! A big job, having it all replaced, and more to come. Very nice of the guys to tidy up even though it wasn't part of the order.

  2. You must be really pleased with the result. We've never been waterlogged for more than ten minutes, our sand on gravel drains instantly.