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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Little things mean so much ....

A while back in our local, independent stationers I bought a bag of tiny white labels to tie round circular knitting needles where the size has worn off. The labels are a little larger than from top of thumb nail to joint.

Like many households we have plenty of cables for all our electrical toys, so much so that it is becoming quite confusing, especially where Father Christmas has added more to the pile so I have found another use for these labels. Each cable has a label, even if it is obvious that it fits an iPad or iPhone.

Another pleasing event is that the German clock, brought back from Hamburg around turn of the twentieth century by my maternal grandfather seems to have sorted itself out. It kept stopping, went to our local repairers where it kept going on the wall, it was returned with no charge as they hadn't done anything but for some time it still kept stopping when here. Now,since just before Christmas we seem to have cracked it, don't know what we did, or didn't do, I'm so pleased to hear the gentle ticking and chimes in our dining room. Even better when both our chiming clocks do so simultaneously.

Third little thing is one of my Christmas gifts are LED clip-on glasses lights, bought in Tiger for me to use whilst knitting in poor light but proving much more useful than knitting. For example if I'm typing on my laptop don't need to put lights on, as a touch typist just require to check numerals and symbols as keyboards vary. There is a clip to attach to the arm of specs so the light is facing forward in same direction as lenses.

Doesn't take much to please me.


  1. It's often the small, thoughtful things that are the best gifts!

    Looking well ahead, I'm planning this year's blog party and hope you'll be free - I've got possible dates on my blog, but if they don't suit, tell me when might and I'll do more negotiating.

  2. Little things can make big differences, can't they!
    It doesn't take much to please me, either; just hearing the birds twitter in front of my window first thing in the morning fills me with joy.

    The clock is beautiful, my Dad would love it - he has a "thing" for old wall clocks like this one.