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Monday, 11 March 2013

Murky Monday

It's a stay indoors day today, very strong, cold wind as well as low temperatures and snow showers so I won't venture out even though I feel quite well. One small change has made such a difference, I've started taking prescribed anti-histamine tablets again. The label says "Take as required" , last week we had a smidgen of warmth for one day so I thought ooh Spring and blossom so put the tablets back on the to take list.

I have hardly been in the garden, yes we do have blossom on our apricot tree, but haven't been out there much so I suspect there must be unknown substances to which I'm allergic so yeah to anti-histamines that work.

Photo taken from upstairs window hence the odd perspective.

Yesterday evening was thinking that life doesn't come with a manual. Don't mean life in a spiritual or moral context but in the practical world there seems so much that cannot be taught. Let me give an example, so much equipment comes with symbols rather than words today, our phones, kitchen equipment, TVs and we are assumed to know. When was 'on' and 'off' replaced with a circle with a vertical line? Who decides which colours on the TV handset relate to which function and why do some people know this instinctively and others have to find the missing manual. If there is one, often we should know how stuff works.

Its not just machinery, there are those folk who seemed with an ability and an awareness to see what has to be done in any situation. No jumping in with two left feet for these angels. I remember as a teenager I heard other girls talking about going to Eel Pie Island, to the Craw Daddy Club whilst I was still going to Guides and the Church Youth Club, but even that far back there was an awareness within me that I didn't know the process. How did the confident, mature 'set' know and have the 'right' clothes and hair styles. How did they know what were the 'right ' clothes anyway? I didn't.

Yes, clothes. Another quagmire and source of worry that doesn't end. Whether it is at the gym, on the stand at Olympia, even out with the walking group there are those people who instinctively look great and confident. Doesn't help when told that my trousers are not the right type for walking. Felt hurt, not denim, but  jeans styling (practical with all those pockets) and are navy blue.

Am going to leave it there, Ian has made a pot of tea (no teabags here) so will publish this after wondering how some one knew to write the early blogs. I see them as a cross between logging events which was done in the PR department in which I worked in another life, a journal, a diary and a chat with friends.

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  1. If I followed my instincts (sans manual), I would still be scratching on a slate with a bit of wood.

    I know just what you mean, PixieMum, some people just 'know how', the rest of us don't!