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Monday, 4 March 2013

Dear Reader, I finished it.

So chuffed, the Forest Canopy shawl is finished, was worn yesterday when Ian and I drove to Sussex to see our lovely daughter. She cooked the most amazing lunch, stuffed lamb with veggies and then Eve's pudding. Much discussion about the recipe, different from the version my Mother made and we were taught at school in Domestic Science, Martha's had lemon in it. It gave a bite to the apples and mixture so when I make this I will be adding lemon too.

We even saw the sea, refreshing to have a change of scenery and surroundings, even better sunshine and awe inspiring sunset viewed from her flat. Should 'flat' be changed to 'apartment' these days? What is the difference?

Must get on, it is a lovely sunny Monday morning and domesticity calls, Ian has gone to the dentist, plus he is behind with his studying after a day out to play.


  1. The finished article is really beautiful PixieMum, you must be very proud of it.
    As one who never knits or sews except under strong pressure I must say you are skilled indeed.

  2. To me, it is "flat", not apartment. I only use that word when dealing with Americans :-)
    Sounds like a lovely lunch indeed! And the shawl is very beautiful.

  3. The shawl is briliant,,, I finally got mine finished a couple of weeks ago!

  4. Lovely! You should be proud.

    1. Thank you for the beautiful wool that you sent me, it has proved perfect for lace knitting.

  5. Exquisite work, Pixie Mum! And the meal your daughter prepared sounds pretty exquisite as well...

  6. Really gorgeous, PixieMum. You must have much greater concentration than I can manage. The lamb sounds super too.

  7. Lovely shawl.I treated myself to some cashmere yarn from Posh Yarn and am on the lookout for a pattern.I have nominated you for a Liebster award.See my blog..

  8. Love this and your other forest canopy shawl - enjoy wearing them!