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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Thinking aloud or thinking allowed.

With the radio programme of that same name I am never sure which was the correct spelling, not that it mattered, I enjoyed the programme. Must admit, I have lost the habit of listening to the radio quite so much. When I was home alone, before Ian was given early retirement, I listened far more. Now, life is so different that I rarely listen to a whole half hour programme, think this has come about as I don't spend so much time in the kitchen where the radio is, if I'm in the dining room or lounge one needs to put the TV on to listen to the radio, if I am using my laptop I need to concentrate. I do use the iPad to catch up though. One programme still sacrosanct is The Archers but that tends to coincide with dinner, if we miss it we can listen at 2pm the next day or on Catchup. Now there's a word that I think sounds like ketchup.

Bit of thinking about things today, well it is our son's 32nd birthday. Weather then was wet, mild and windy and today it has been the exact opposite, high pressure, very cold, still and foggy. Adam and his wife stayed overnight here the other day, one small incident made me realise that we don't know the minutiae of their lives, not that we should. Ian and I make a drink before we retire for the night, usually coffee, occasionally warm milk, cocoa if we have some in, so of course we offered a drink to the youngsters. Oh no, never have anything before we go to bed was the reply. What changes folks from the way they were brought up? Does one half adopt the ideas of another? It's like washing up by hand. If there isn't too much crockery and pots and pans to be on the draining board I prefer to leave it all to drain, then maybe dry up and return everything to its place later, say whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Ian washes up and everything is dried and put away immediately.

Two pictures, the before and after,showing the drying up which was done whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for our coffee and on the window cill is the aforementioned kitchen radio.

Oh, post 24 of 31, I knitted some more rows of a hexipuff whilst waiting for the train at Richmond station today. Also wore the pink beret I knitted last year, very much a hat day today. Need to join the toes of socks, Kitchener stitch here we come.


  1. The only time I ever listen to the radio is when I am in the car with someone and they have it on. And rarely, when I do have a lot to iron (I usually don't, since it never gets a chance to pile up with me), I put on Radio 4 and choose something from the archive of "In Our Time".

    The small habits! RJ and I have different habits in many things; he's never lived with someone else but when he moved out from his parents, he's always been on his own. I have been married twice and maybe therefore I adapt more easily to others, without really giving up on what small habits are dear to me (or simply make sense).

  2. What an enjoyable post! I always like glimpses into the mind - and I agree with you in so many ways. I used to listen to the radio constantly until I had the Sage at home, and then I rarely had the opportunity to listen for long and lost the habit, most of the time. Actually, this can make a post, so if you don't mind I'll pinch the subject for myself!

    I think "we *never* have anything before we go to bed" is quite sweetly dogmatic in people so young.

    1. Typical response by Adam, absolutely no grey at all, everything is either black or white. Even as a young child his response used to be "cos it is", he can be very inflexible too. Maybe that's what makes him a good chess player.

      My two are very different, but Ian and I are very different from our siblings too.

  3. Since we pay for our water we only wash up once a day! Hope that doesn't sound too yucky.

    And then we boil 2 kettles rather than switch on the immersion.

    Sft x