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Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 25 - completion.

Just a quick knitting blog, just had to tell you all that at long last the socks are finished. Also pleased that I got into the rhythm of Kitchener stitch whilst watching the Sports Personality of the Year, rather disappointed that Ellie Simmons, for whom we voted, didn't win, but then I am not inspired by Wiggins.

Really finished, ends sewn in, details added to Ravelry, these photos taken by Ian as it not easy to photograph one's legs.

The picture was taken on the top steps, with the top landing behind, light would have come up from the ground floor, the flash was turned off so maybe that's why the stripes of light.

Have learnt from these socks, I will knit another pair with fewer stitches round even allowing for my slightly tight tension, my legs and feet are quite slim and this pattern assumes a slightly more chunky wearer.


  1. Very nice, Madeleine. You're braver than I am. I only ever knit ankle socks, not half-way to the knee socks. That's a lot of stitches!

  2. Lovely. They look nice and cosy for the season. I'm a big fan of Kitchener stitch - it's my toe-ender of choice.

  3. Hi Pixiemum,
    Socks look lovely and warm Hope to start mine soon.Hope they turn out as well.Must look up Kitchener stitch
    Dont rate Wiggins as a person very highly either !
    Happy Christmas !

  4. PS Think I know Kitchener stitch as grafting.Wonder why it's called that? Perhaps the General used it to mend the holes in the toes of his socks

  5. PixieMum I love these socks! I am heavily into crochet at the moment but may well be tempted to get out the knitting needles sooner rather than later!!