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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Some of our activities recently ...

thursday, august 2nd, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook: 2nd August 2012

Outside My Window ... sunshine, clouds and breeze. Not sure of temperature as I haven't been out today. Sinuses a bit painful, paracetamol and Flixonase nasule drops haven't made much difference.
I am thinking ...  of the good effects of the Olympics, whatever our medal total will be. Although the cycle time trials took place about two or three miles from our home I didn't feel up to going to watch them live but I suspect it was better that way as I was able to see all the beauty of my local area and confirm my opinionated view that I live in a delightful urban area.
I am thankful for ... all the ironing is completed.
I am wearing ... old CC linen red, brown and beige squiggly patterned dress, so comfortable.
I am creating ...  pink cushion cover for Martha, just needs sewing up, the Hello Kitty buttons and my special handmade label added. Also need to pick up stitches for the collar of the baby sports jacket. Watching the Olympics is very conducive to knitting so have completed 130 hexipuffs. 
I am reading ... . Butterfly's Shadow by Lee Langley. Enjoying this, although haven't picked it up for a few days now as have plenty of time before next book club meeting in September.
Around the house ... looking forward to having Ian's grandfather's clock back. Thanks to the Internet and Z's party where we handed the clock to The Armoury (well to Mike who writes that blog) it has been sorted out and will be coming home shortly.
One of my favourite things ... the English countryside. Our walking group went to Berkshire, near Silchester, I attempted to photograph this field full of wild flowers. 

Was a good walk, not too many steep parts, the worst was the incline towards the pub where we had lunch, no breath at all but then it is a while since I have attempted such a walk.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... hoping to go to Local studies tomorrow, if I have the energy, no plans otherwise till next week. Keep it simple, finish knitting projects and finish book. 
Here are pictures I am sharing ...
Firstly, the unknown torch bearer at the start of the Kew Road in Richmond. Lovely occasion, sunshine, friendly crowds while we waited on the shady side of the street.

More pictures, this time of the Men's cycle race last Saturday. Ian and went to Kingston by train, had lunch in Pizza Express from where we could see the preparations before the race started and then wait in the front row for the cyclists to zoom past. I suspect all the motorcyclists and support car drivers were having a lot more fun.

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling too good, PixieMum. Take care and enjoy your knitting and sewing until your bounce returns.

  2. For someone who doesn't appear to be in the best of health, you have a remarkably energetic schedule. Although I do sort of envy you your lovely walks, the sitting and knitting sounds like a good idea for you at present.
    Enjoy your leisure however you choose to spend it PixieMum.

  3. The picture of the flowers in the field is very beautiful and makes me want to go for a walk there instantly! (Actually, I have just come back home from a run across the fields here... sunflowers, wheat already harvested, and red poppies, too.)

  4. One of the problems is that I should take regular exercise, this was stressed by the Respiratory team at the course I took last year. It is as important as the medication so the walk, although tough in places was good for me.

    Little things can be a trigger, chemicals, some one smoking a cigarette in the street or at the entrance to a building, climbing steep stairs at our local station.

    Mostly I cope quite well, but from reading the Facebook Bronchiectasis support group there are many whose situation is far worse. I am so fortunate that I have Ian who understands and cares for me.