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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Clocking in.

Time to tell you about Ian's clock that has been lovingly restored by Mike, who blogs as The Armoury. .

We had taken the clock with us to Z's bloggers' party in May,  Mike kindly agreed to look at it, today they brought it to our house, Ann and Mike were visiting family not so far from here so not too far out of their way.

It was lovely to welcome them here, to see the clock back on the wall, for our other clock to be identified as coming from the Black Forest and to have tea/coffee and cake. Cake was coconut slices, my mother's recipe, very yummy that once my father's friend ate a whole cake. It is cooked in a square Yorkshire pudding tin, iced and cut into either 6 large or 8 standard slices.

A view of the clock and its surroundings.

Knitting has been done whilst watching TV, in the car, travelling to London last Wednesday thus the number of hexipuffs has reached 136, including completing the 'lost' hexipuff that was found in the kitchen drawer in a small brown paper carrier bag. Picture below shows all the hexipuffs so far, about one third of the number required for a throw. Not sure yet how I will join them, want the back to look as good as the front. That was my dress making rule, the wrong side was as neat as the right side.

Suggestions and advice welcome always. Off now to continue with collar of a baby's jacket I'm making, will carry on whilst watching the Olympics closing ceremony. Just wish it finished before 11.30, must stay awake.


  1. Since I love all things coconut, I wonder - will you tell us the recipe for the coconut slices?

  2. We have visited Mike and Ann a couple of times and we were introduced to the innards of your clock ticking away the last time we were there. It looks much better whole!

  3. I was never a good dressmaker and only ever made clothes for my daughter, but that was my rule too - the wrong side had to be neat!