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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Notes and blog

In between posting here I have ideas of what to write about, these fall into two halves, one is that of a diary, like 50 years ago, which enumerates where we've been, weather and other trivia. The other half is more my thoughts about life, mine and others. Some thoughts cannot be expressed here of course, either too personal or too politically incorrect. I need to consider who is reading this, wouldn't want to be in trouble for incitement of any kind. As my posts can be a bit random,  I used the notes facility on my I-Pad (only for the second time) so the note says:

Oversleeping; Martha and flat; pancakes; Ian & maths whilst I'm naked; knitting. So some are diary and some are thoughts. Hey, why did I write pancakes? Yes, we remembered this year. Unlike last year apparently according to daughter. I cooked them and we ate them as a light lunch before Ian went to his U3A class. Nothing special there.

Knitting. Need advice. Am well on with baby jacket, have rest of first sleeve, second sleeve and collar to complete but am not happy with the back. Not my knitting, but the way the random dye has worked differently on the lower back from the other areas.

 Hope it is clear in the picture, that the front and top of the back are the same as the sleeve too.

I am considering knitting another back, ensuring I cast on from a different colour in the thread. There is plenty of yarn left to do this. If the new back works out the same as the front and sleeve I will carry on. The back already knitted can be undone and the yarn used for something else. It is double knitting so I can find a pattern, perhaps a cowl or scarf.

What do my readers think?

Ian and the maths. I thought this was just funny but it is a diary type entry. After my morning shower and hair wash had gone in to the bedroom to dress and style my hair but before this could be done, Ian rushes in from the study and insists on explaining a maths. problem on which he has been working to me. Whilst I may have got a few of the gems of knowledge he was imparting to me, especially about a radius, I had rather hoped his enthusiasm for his studies could have waited till I was dressed. Especially so as the default setting for our heating is just 18 degrees so it was chilly.

Martha and the flat. This is really good news. Martha has found a flat to buy and everything is galloping away as we are hoping exchange will be completed before 24th March when stamp duty starts again for first time buyers. It's a lovely flat, gorgeous views over the countryside, in a good situation. Now her fun begins, designing and furnishing her home to please herself. This links to our oversleeping - a call from Martha at 8.45am to discuss the minutae of buying woke us, thankfully as goodness knows how long we would have slept even though we'd turned out the light at 11 so we weren't up late or boogying  the night away.

Such is life in suburbia.


  1. I agree, the back of the jacket doesn't really work. The front is lovely.

    Good luck to Martha. Ronan is wanting to buy this year too, but hasn't found anywhere yet so, unless the stamp duty concession is extended, he'll miss out. Still, he's hoping to find somewhere he and Dora will want to live for several years, so it's better not to rush.

  2. Great news about the flat - hope completion comes in time. I agree about the back of the jacket. I wouldn't be happy leaving it like that.

  3. Color pooling is a huge hazard when you're knitting with these yarns. The fronts and sleeves are about the same width so they are behaving nicely. I think that no matter where you cast on you'll get a similar result because there are more stitches in the back. This may sound goofy but why not make the back in two halves. Would a seam in the back be very uncomfortable?