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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Healthy new year to all

Just a quick catch up because as usual I have delayed reading book group tome and I need to hurrying through it for Monday 9th meeting. Book is For whom the bell tolls so far as reading it to see if the pace speeds up and if my interest grows. Will need to curb hexipuff addiction until book is read.

It was a good Christmas, best thing about it was that we avoided all the bugs and germs, but other highlights include being with wider family on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Traditional pursuits included a Scrabble game with 4 of us on Boxing Day when the final score ranged between 119 and 112. It was a good natured game, with guidance given at the end on how I could have come second.

Yes, we went for it! We invited people in for tea and cakes on New Year's Day and some came. Others had good reason why not, after all we started the invites just a day before - very last minute. I think it was a success!  The noise levels of talk and laughter were loud at times - that was good and okay as neighbour was present.

Ian waiting for guests to arrive. At least we were ready, and so was the food.

Not that much consumed, so we are eating it up, especially attracted by the addictive cheese biscuits made by Martha. Ian's renowned chocolate brownies were enjoyed.

Since Christmas we have been SORTING OUT. To me it should be in capitals. Progress has been made. Ian is now aware he has other jumpers than the red one he's wearing in the picture. We have sorted his shirts and jumpers, a charity shop today has the benefit. I have a dilemma, I have loads of clothes, some I have had a long time, some I am bored with, but I feel guilty at passing on good things when there is no reason why I should not wear said garments even though I no longer like them, they are out of fashion, are tight round the middle etc. I think it is upbringing, can hear my mother in the background still. Does one's upbringing ever stop influencing behaviour? I think flat sharing, learning new ideas and ways, having children and the social contact they bring, contact with colleagues all affect one's way of handling situations but upbringing for me is still the strongest.

Paper work is the next big thing. There is an ominous pile, one item has gone back to be filed, the local rag for last April. Ian wanted to know why it was kept; showed him page 4 where there is photo of Martha with her London Marathon medal.

One item of lovely post, a new photo of Kristine whom I sponsor through Village Africa and a report where I learn that she was doing well in her subject [but] she prefer sports.

If anyone wants to support a child, and help the village, may I refer them to . They are on Facebook.

Well, need to get on with domestic stuff, to release Ian for study. Also, the plumber is returning today, our bath/shower water still will not drain away, gurgle noises are heard, other times the water drains so so slowly.

More thoughts another time


  1. Isn't it wonderful that we have a turning point that gets us going on the sorting? Lives, yarn, paper, we're such good sorters.

    If there is goodness left in things that you can't use, consider donating them to a charity shop. It will be put to good use, I know. Then you can get new stuff - if you need it, of course - and feel good that your old stuff is still working for someone. We all get set in our ways re the clothes we wear. Sometimes, i think I live off the top of the laundry basket. Gotta dig deeper.

  2. I have been doing some sorting out too. I quite understand about the mother's voice making it difficult. I try to remember it is a generational thing - they lived through the war and understandably came out of it with the mindset that one should never throw out anything usable, or that might one day be useful. For us, "stuff" is so readily available that it is easy to get swamped by it. Much better to pass things on where they can be used by someone who has need of them rather than leave them unworn in a wardrobe. As it happens clothes are not my particular hoarding temptation, but I have others! I have found reading some minimalist blogs has helped me to get better at disengaging from at least some of the stuff.

  3. Hello Madeleine! Happy New Year to you and hello to Ian, who looks so dashing sitting there in his red jumper.

    The goodies look delicious, and I wish I could have come to visit on New Year's day as well.

    It seems we are all reorganizing ourselves, I spent yesterday afternoon doing the same. I would have liked to continue and do more today, but alas I must show up at work.

    Take care! Tee