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Friday, 18 November 2011

Just thoughts

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 

Wednesday November 16th 2011

Outside My Window: our road in being resurfaced, great you say. Not at all, rather than completely relay all  the road only the worst sections have been recovered so it looks like a patch work quilt. Ian says the pricing for the work would have been done on a square metre basis, and only the worst damaged part repaired. Now given all the time spent working out the most  damaged,  costing, marking them up with yellow paint, arranging for cones to be planted days ahead would it not have been marginally more economic just to resurface the whole road, apart from the aesthetics. 

From the kitchen... not so much food preparation, Ian is making the decorations in the kitchen as it the garage is too cold.

Shows the great detail, the carols on one side, the book marks which will be used to attach them to the tree, plus he has made a container for storage.

I am wearing ... pink jumper I made from Rowan alpaca cotton earlier this year and East green needlecord skirt.

I am reading...  Henry's Sisters, by Cathy Lamb. Need to complete by next Monday. It's Knitting versus Reading. 

I am creating... still making hexipuffs, but am thinking ahead about what I can make from the lovely old wool collected yesterday through Freecycle. Real mixture there, some fine items on cones, Aran yarn that has been used and unravelled. All I need is time to knit it all. Then there is the yarn in my stash ....

Laid out on the kitchen table. Ian found another box in which to store the haul, the box in which the wool came smelt of loft so it has been put out for recycling.

This blog was left incomplete on Wednesday. This evening, Friday, is the first time I have used my laptop since Wednesday so need to catch up on those things for which I don't use my iPad. 

Meanwhile life is fine, two new experiences for us today. We visited the Lidl's shop that opened in our High Street yesterday, and we will return. Sadly, there was no organic milk but today that problem was solved with another first. This was sampling the delights of a Hobbycraft store in Staines. I was amazed at some of the crafts, some of which were new to me. Disappointed to see no bamboo needles, nor KnitPro so was not tempted. Since the haul of Freecycle wool I was not tempted to consider even more yarn. 

Ian bought some stuff,  I know of a new guillotine but I was not permitted to be around when he went to the tills. Next door to Hobbycraft is Waitrose so we were able to stock up on milk and Davidstowe cheese. Isn't life great when one's favourite cheese is the one on special offer?

Must get on, emails to send, reading group book to read, 58th hexipuff to complete. 

Back soon with thoughts and events.


  1. It does look a mess - your road, that is. Mind you, having just paid the bill for having our drive resurfaced, I can understand why the council carefully evaluated the worst bits. We did nearly all the preparation work - not sure how many tonnes of chippings but it used 2 tonnes of tar ... total cost £3,500, which hurt!

    I've sent you a message on Facebook regarding our meet-up.

  2. Your road does look a mess, but you would think that, look at that wonderful storage box your Ian has come up with, Love the book ornaments. How clever is he. And you do need to start knitting, your wool haul look like a discovered treasure.

  3. What is a Hexiepuff?? Love the wool stash,, my hubby has just got me set of Bamboo needles, lovely to knit with.

  4. The council keep patching our roads, but the next winter they crumble again.

    That looks a very good haul of yarn!

  5. Ooh, you've got the same spotty tablecloth as us.