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Saturday, 2 January 2010

January 2nd 2010

Lovely afternoon pottering around Richmond, buying second hand books to browse and add to pile that says To be read. As befits the cold weather bought two thermal tops as I feel the cold so much, a new Women's Running magazine for daughter and replacement supply of cod liver oil tablets. A bizzare mix.

Books were a Margaret Forster and a 1908 book about Surrey and its 1909 companion on Middlesex. Some of the drawings showed the towns' architecture has not changed, especially if one doesn't look at the shop fronts in detail.

Pleasant touristy feel to Richmond, fascinating to see changes of shops since I ceased working in the town. When I was a child the shops seemed to remain constant, now they open and close with remarkable rapidity.

Home by bus, reasonably smooth ride and a shorter distance to the front door than if we'd gone by train.

An evening reading book for reading group.

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