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Wednesday, 11 September 2019


One of my objectives is to keep learning, maybe not formal education but practical skills and knowledge so it was with delight today I not only finished my first pair of toe up socks but they fitted Ian.  One of the advantages of toe ups apparently is that they can be tried on as one knits, however that ideal never worked in practice, partly as these socks were made much on the move. Cannot expect my husband to try on socks whilst travelling on the District Line or a crowded London omnibus. 

Another first first for today was our grandson’s first day at Infant school, his parents haven’t posted those obligatory front door photos on social media, just family site so this will be respected. My fingers are sore still from sewing on his name tapes on all the uniform. A question - when did school socks become black instead of grey?

Another question. Why do hairstyles look ok just before going to bed having not behaved during the day?

Will add photos of socks, colour varies but officially the Dublin Dye Company calls it Petrol. 

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