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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Still posting

Just popped in here to say I am still posting and putting up photographs on the Wordpress site, had hoped that readers here would migrate across a bit more. About ten days ago I replaced my ten year old laptop with a shiny new model with Windows 10 and Blogger that I am trusting will work my main  Blog will remain with Wordpress now. It is early days with the new toy, it has a big screen yet the page on which I'm typing seems smaller than on my iPad, much easier to touch type here.

The blog is still mundane, domestic and I try not to be too controversial so no politics for example but knitting and crochet feature, changes to our home are recorded, for example we've had new parquet laid in our dining room and the old parquet in the hall restored, mention of our travels after we have returned to Pixie Towers, I would never announce on the web that I'm not at home.

Don't have any recent pictures on this machine, for lots of pictures, including some of our grandchildren you will have to go to the dark side.

So see you at, a reminder that approval by me for you to comment appears to be a one off event.


  1. Good to know you're still around :-)
    I am still here on blogger, running my own blog as well as reading many others. Wordpress wants me to log in if I want to read and comment, and with time being rather limited due to work and other activities, I mostly stick to this platform where I am already logged in.

  2. I suppose I logged in once but I've never had to do so subsequently, for yours or any other Wordpress blog. Maybe there's a "remember me" tick box.

    I subscribe to both anyway, so I know when you've posted :)