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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas cards


Cards from bygone years for recycling 

The arrival of our first two Christmas cards prompted Ian and I to organise our list to ensure that no one was missed. Our method is so high tech, A4 writing pad, names recorded by going through cards from previous years, hidden in the depths of the landing cupboard we found three different years’ offerings. 

There was laughter and smiles from some cleverly designed cards, sadness and memories when the sender is on another shore, memory searching when we didn't recognise a name and a form of bullshit bingo concerning the spelling of my Christian name. No excuses now, just check the credits on the last Bond film please. 

Slightly more difficult are negotiations about where we prune and edit the list, it needs sensitivity, links can be tenuous so each is taken on its merits. 

Need to start writing, no round robins, we have no objections to them and understand for busy folk with careers,  families, large mailing lists and interesting lives they are great and enjoyable.  We no longer fit these criteria, so sometimes add a personal update. Perhaps they should be  referred to my blog, but not all our world is here anymore. 


  1. I am probably one of the very few people who really enjoy reading round robins! Having said that, the only one I usually get is from my Auntie Ann and Uncle David in Yorkshire. They are both very busy, always involved with some charity or other, and I love them dearly - it is just nice to be able to catch up with what they have been doing all year, when I can only see them briefly once a year during my summer holidays.
    Like you, I go about my Christmas cards list in a "high tech" way - with notepad and pen.
    The first batch has been posted today; now I need to buy more, having used up all my stock from last year.

  2. I have just clicked "follow" on your blog and it said forbidden!!!I am trying.
    Wee are also well into U3A.I have been at my Reading Group this morning.