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Saturday, 2 January 2016

A review.

have decided to talk a break from my blog. It has been a struggle to be interesting, the spark isn't there, I avoid religion and politics like any good dinner party guest,  if anyone is interested in my knitting progress the details are available in Ravelry and sometimes on Facebook, I am careful not to announce to the world that we are about to set off on holiday and leave the house empty, on our return the posting seems like a postcard arriving weeks late. 

Instead, I shall dip in here when the muse strikes, meanwhile, in case it has been construed that life isn't good, it must be said we had a lovely Christmas with Daughter, her Man and their cats in Dorset. It was such a luxury not to have had to plan, organise, choose cheese or bake, it was the first time we  have spent Christmas at one of our offsprings, we were away a week so we saw family including niece's son, born 13 days before Christmas, inlaws, outlaws and friends, as well as Grandson and his parents who stayed three days.

Since returning to Pixie Towers we were inspired to invite friends and neighbours for cake and tea on New Year's Day, a big thing for us as we haven't entertained for yonks, to our amazement there was much chatter, laughter and tea drinking. We have plenty of cakes to eat up, although I may take the coconut slices to the Local History Society social, we over estimated our visitors' capacity for cakes, sweets and grapes. 

If anyone is interested, Ian's socks were finished in time for Christmas, it helped that Santa Claus delivered sock blockers to Dorset before Christmas. Now I have started another pair, my aim is for there to be a pair of socks for each day of the week. 

Meanwhile play nicely while I am away, I shall pop in case you have left a comment. 


  1. Like you, I avoud politics and religion as topics for my blog. What I find contributes most to an interesting blog that feels "alive" is readers' comments. And they will stop commenting if the blog author never replies to a comment.
    To me, these mini-conversations and discussions are essential, and I am very grateful to my readers for each and every comment they leave on my blog.
    I have enjoyed visiting your blog whenever a new post was announced on my dashboard, and hope you'll be back every now and then!
    Your Christmas sounds like a good one, and I very much like the idea of inviting neighbours over for cakes and tea/coffee.

  2. I'll still follow your occasional comments. I only blog when I feel like it and then it is usually only about craft things. That way, blogging stays enjoyable and is not a pressure. I have enough of those!

  3. Librarian, thank you for your comment, I hadn't realised the etiquette of replying to comments, that is simply the reason I have rarely done it, in the future I will try to be more proactive.

  4. I'll miss you. I'm not sure if I've commented before but.. anyway, I hope you do return from time to time.

  5. I'll miss you too and I hope you'll still dip into my blog sometimes, as well as posting too. I'll be planning the next blog party date before long.

    1. Zoe. Just come from looking at your blog, as usual so interesting, especially as we have met your family and Tim at a blog party.

      Already calendar is becoming booked up this year, I shall use email to give you details of available dates when you put out the call.