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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Winning streak

Although there is a view that raffles lead on to full scale gambling we are happy to buy a few tickets at charitable events, considering such purchases as a donation without the gift aid, feeling pleased if we win something. Thus we were delighted to receive an email telling us both had won a prize at a church winter fair we attended - we hadn't stayed till the end so missed the prize giving. 

Ian's prize was an amazing, a genuine Mulberry travel wallet,

We know it is genuine, not fake, as we were told the provinance, my prize marked up as first prize was the foodie contents of a big basket, great presentation too.  

Apart from the big raffle came away with a owl mug and an amaryllis, but I think fairs are more than just fund raisers, it is the social interaction, making new acquaintances and a feeling of fellowship and acceptance. Prizes and purchases are secondary to this. 

Just in case you thought I had abandoned knitting and crochet news I have been using up stash of double knitting to crochet a blanket of granny squares, another portable project but much quicker than the hexipuff quilt. Felt very saddened this weekend when I found I had worn out the heel of my pink socks, one of the earliest pairs I knitted and the best fitting. I have pattern and yarn to make a replacement pair, but there will never be the satisfaction of first mastering turning a heel. The socks were finished in Augsut 2011 from bamboo yarn, not as hard wearing as I thought. 

Socks as WIP, there are further details in my Ravelry projects page. 

Right, now back to writing Christmas cards, may I send my best wishes for Christmas and for the new year to everyone who reads this, whether they are known to me in cyberspace or in real life. Thank you all for your kindness and comments. 


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!
    Good prizes, but I agree with you that they are secondary when it comes to such events.

  2. Yep, my one pair of socks made with a bamboo/wool mix are really not wearing as well as other pairs - my oldest pair of socks is now 9.5 years old and still going strong!