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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Home thoughts

Well it's been a busy time at Pixie Towers since the last blog for the old fireplace from which heat never came has gone to give us warmth and more space in our lounge. From this:-

to this, clear of clutter, more space

After the installation of the fire, the decorators came, I was under the impression they were here to decorate around the new fire, they were, but also the hall, stairs and landing. Needless to say no preparation had been done for this so all 'stuff' was moved to the nearest room so the whole house was in chaos whilst acquiring a veneer of dust that rubbing down old paintwork produces.

Having said that we have been propelled into a frenzy of decluttering, this is a small example of unwanted 'treasure' on its way to the charity shop, some may recall petrol station glasses, we had a goodly collection.

Today two mirrors went to help the finances of the local hospice; a large collection of plastic carrier bags went to a local independent shop - This 'n' that - sells everything from plants to pie dishes via acrylic yarn and cleaning materials. Prices are keen, no cards, cash only, no fancy bags, no junk, good service as the owners know their stock so the store is always busy. Just the sort of store for our local high street, bought a second bag of supersoft toy filling, the first one filled 371 hexipuffs, and with 14 to make, another bag was needed. 

More decluttering needed, both stuff, clothes and photographs.

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  1. Decluttering feels so GOOD, doesn't it!
    Your new fireplace looks very neat and stylish, but the old one was nice and cheerful with the yellow tiles, too.