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Monday, 8 July 2013

More catching up

The other week dear Ian and I were in our local High Street, walked passed the TV/white goods/electricals/gas shop, known to all as Jones's and spotted a cream colour gas cooker. Neither of said anything, we had chosen our gas cooker, a Cannon Carrick, for all its safety features, the finish was poor, the enamel wore away very quickly, the ignition was slow to spark and the grey colour looked wrong in our cream kitchen.

About a week later the top oven ignition stopped working, one could get a flame but it immediately went out so we trundled off to Jones's to ask about repair costs. These would amount to at least £100.00 so we decided to buy the cream cooker, although similar to our unloved one, was apparently a much higher spec. Installation was delayed till after the East Anglian adventures. The old cooker will be recycled into lots of other useful products, it would have gone on Freecycle if not.

The gas engineer told us he was installing large range cookers in households where the children had moved out, the family had managed with the standard 60cm size cooker for over 20 years and now wanted larger cookers. We don't have the space for a range cooker, unless we removed our original dresser and completely rearranged a kitchen design that works so well.

We are very pleased with it, I've made cakes, we've cooked meals but so far, and this will be the big test, no one has baked bread in it. By the way, the green scales to the left of the cooker were my mother's, I suspect they are older than me, one has to give them a little encourage to balance so nowadays not good if one has to extremely accurate in measuring ingredients but we do have electronic scales hidden in a cupboard.

Our son didn't notice the cooker when he visited, his sister who came a couple of days later was quicker off the mark, both approved of our instant decision.


  1. That cream cooker had just been waiting for you! How lucky that you spotted it, and it was still available when you decided to buy it.
    Your kitchen looks very welcoming!

  2. Very smart. Sometimes we just have to admit we made a mistake and remedy it. :-)

  3. Local shops are brilliant, sometimes it's best to look no further!

  4. It was meant to be - I think it looks great, and if it works a lot better too...

  5. Your new cooker looks great in your kitchen.

    Sft x