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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Today as a change from meat and fish I decided to make a soufflé,  it is one of my signature dishes. Very boring I know but I use the same recipe each time from a British Egg Information Service booklet. Not sure how old this book is, the address has no postcode and the phone number is Gerrard 9200 so probably 1960s.  One is reminded to buy eggs stamped with the little lion. "Then you know before you crack them that they're going to be fine and fresh and perfect". 

The recipes are all in imperial measures, although I suppose "a dash of pepper or cayenne" could be construed as metric as well, the style is chatty and for me the soufflé recipe has proved foolproof.

Whilst preparing the ingredients I listened to a programme on iPlayer, mothers were mentioned and thus I was reminded that I used to cook a cheese soufflé for a light lunch when my mother came to my home, sometimes with my Godmother who was her friend from school days. Fascinating how food can bring back happy memories.

I am pleased to say the recipe worked well today, very filling but I suspect the quantities are meant for more than the two of us.


  1. That looks delicious, Madeleine. You are clever - I'm hopeless at soufflés.

  2. It looks great, just like a soufflé should be! The recipe booklet is the kind to keep; I like that "chatty" style very much.

  3. I can vouch for the deliciousness of my mum's soufflé! The taste of it takes me back to delicious family dinners. She's a fantastic cook :) x